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"General Notary Public Work" is a key service for notaries public because it is an essential aspect of ensuring the validity and enforceability of legal documents and transactions. The quality of a notary public's work can be assessed by their attention to detail and thoroughness, while pricing is generally set by state law and is quite affordable. "Certified Loan Signing Agent Services" is a key service because it requires specialized knowledge, skills, and training to ensure that loan documents are signed and notarized correctly. The quality of these services is critical to avoid legal and financial consequences, and pricing is typically competitive within the industry. "Remote Online Notarization Service" is a key service because it offers convenience and accessibility to signers who may not be able to appear in person before a notary public. Remote online notarization services are held to the same standards as in-person notarizations and offer additional security features. Pricing for remote online notarization services depends on the number of documents to be notarized and the service provider's fees.

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